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The boy who collected skins on Melbourne Video Art Society

MVAS: Index A presents an international assortment of contemporary videos that embody a plethora of local and global video art histories. This exhibition favors border crossing, multiplicity and hybridity, eschewing the constraints of thematic screenings and binary paradigms. Referring to a multitude of cannons and pointing out to a plurality of practices, these works are indexical of a fractured past that reveals the heterogeneity of the present. This is the first of many entries that The Melbourne Video Art Society will facilitate to strengthen a dialogue in Melbourne surrounding video art histories. Curated by MVAS (Matthew Berka and Diego Ramirez) 

29 nov-21st of Dec. Opening Friday the 29th

Kings ARI
171 King Street, Melbourne, Victoria

Exhibiting Artists:

Claudia Campus (Italy)
A transparent fullness towards a fragile emptiness

Victor Arroyo (Mexico/Canada)
Parc Mont-Royal

Bernd Lützeler (Germany/India)
The Voice of God

Netty Gibson (Australia)
At the Table

Joacélio Batista (Brazil)
The boy who collected skins

Chris Freeman (USA)
Barista with Daniel Haile

John Woods (USA) 
The Hammer and the Feather 

Todd Herman (USA)
When I Stop Looking 

Tom Parsons (Australia)
Lacan Parle 

Mariah Lee (South Korea/Australia)
Disturbance Series #2 

Natasha Cantwell (New Zealand)

Trans-Q Television (USA) 
Episode 1, Trans-Q Television 

Avni Dauti (Australia) 
The Anthropological Study of Play Audiometry

Raina Kim (USA)
Black Halo

Nathan Ceddia (Australia)
Sneeze Art

Polly Stanton (Australia) 

Spencer Lai (Australia) 

Hamish M Storrie (Australia)

Jonathan Nokes (Australia)

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