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INexactly This: Festival of Independents

The CEIA – Center of Experimentation and Information in Art stands under the general coordination by the art historian Marcos Hill and fine artist Marco Paulo Rolla, and the editorial coordination of the fine artist and graphic designer Viviane Gandra.
Interchanges of various natures, as well as the constitution of a long distance network, these are CEIA targets which made possible a series of ideas-and-creative-processes-nurturing-activities related to the Brazilian artistic production.
The CEIA lead to Kunstvlaai 2012 a lecture about the last event organized by the iniciative based on the concept of permeability and five brazilian artists: Estandelau, Joacélio Batista, Marcel Diogo, Marco Paulo Rolla and Noemi Assumpção.

INexactly This: the 2012 edition of Kunstvlaai, brings together some of the most significant and unique models of artist-­‐run spaces, self-­‐organized platforms as well as art schools from across The Netherlands and abroad. For over a decade, the festival has supported and propelled independent thinking as well as collaborative processes in the Dutch cultural scene. It continues to be a hosting platform for diverse structural positions and organizational attitudes that celebrate speculation, buoyancy, generous openness and mutual inspiration. Now framed as ‘Festival of Independents’, Kunstvlaai remains committed to showcasing a multitude of contemporary voices.

Curators: Natasha Ginwala (IND) and Fleur van Muiswinkel (NL).

Sint Nicolaas Lyceum
Prinses Irenestraat 21,
1077 WT Amsterdam

Participants based in the Netherlands:
1646; ADA (Area for Debate & Art); Amsterdam Dinner Movement; Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier; Apiece For Artists; Attraction of the Opposites; Baracca; Berm Collective / Stichting Berm; Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory; De Fabriek; De Service Garage; DEFKA; de Appel Curatorial Programme; Dutch Art Institute / MFA ArtEZ in association with If I Can't Dance, I Don't Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution; Casco; Van Abbemuseum & guests; Extrapool; Fam. Ruim; Foam Lab; Frank Mohr Institute; Gerrit Rietveld Academie (Architectural Design Department); Goleb, HorizonVerticaal; HMK (HotelMariaKapel); Kees Koomen; Kunsthuis SYB; Kunsttraject; KUS; Location Z; Lost Painters; Lost Property; MaHKU (Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design); KABK (Master Artistic Research, Master ArtScience); Sandberg Instituut (all departments); Piet Zwart Institute (Master of Fine Arts); St. Joost / AKV (Master of Fine Arts); Metropolis M; MILK; MOIRA; Nest; Nieuwe Vide; NP3; Onomatopee; of Your Life; P/////AKT;; Plan B; Planet Art; Polly's Picture Show; PrintRoom; Public Space with a Roof; RC de Ruimte; Rhizomatic; Roodkapje & WORM; Salon Sur+; San Serriffe; Sign; TAAK; Teto Projects & W139; Urban Living Room; The One Minutes; Trendbeheer; Upominki; Werkplaats Typografie; Whatspace; Wild-C; MU with KOP-Breda; Kunstpodium T; CBK 's- Hertogenbosch and Landkunst (BKKC); WORM.FilmWerkplaats; and Zet Foundation.

International Participants (As of 28 October 2012):
98Weeks (Beirut), After the Butcher (Berlin), AIT (Tokyo), Amit Charan & Laura Preston (Wellington), Arbour Lake Sghool (Calgary), Atopia (Oslo), Arrow Factory (Beijing), Britto Arts Trust (Dhaka), CEIA (Belo Horizonte), Centre for Visual Introspection (Bucharest), CHIOŞC / KIOSK (Chisinau), First Floor Gallery (Harare), Green Papaya Art Projects (Quezon City), Indonesian Visual Art Archive – IVAA (Yogyakarta), JAAGA (Bengaluru), Instituto Buena Bista (Curacao), Komplot (Brussels), Más Arte Más Acción (Bogota), Mumbai Art Room (Mumbai), (Or Nothing), Partizaning (Moscow), Platform Open Place (Kiev), Red Shoes (Paris), Society (Sydney), The Institute of Wishful Thinking (New York), and The Reading Room (Bangkok), among others.

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