segunda-feira, 14 de março de 2011


"O Menino que colhia cascas" ou "The boy who collected skins"  chega em terras francesas. O vídeo foi selecionado para a competição do Prix de la Création Vidéo 2011 do festival francês  VIDEOFORMES  - festival art video arts numerique clermont ferrand culture performances installations expositions contemporain.
A mostra realizada desde 1984, tornando-se um observatório permanente das evoluções do video, cultura digital e da arte contemporânea.

Taí mais um convite pra galera, dessa vez pros amigos da gringa!!!


Thursday March 17 - 8.15PM - Petit Vélo

La Conspiration du Cerveau /Didier Feldmann aka Videopaper/France/2010/5'45
The Conspiracy of Brain : surrealist attempt to give a response to fundamental questions that Humanity ask herself for several centuries  : why do dictators wear a mustache ? Why do love stories end badly ? Why do not children love their parent ? Why do psychoanalyst wear glasses ?
White City Song/Ludivine Sibelle/France/2010/6'22
Nablus, West Bank, Palestine. Just recalling this territory is sufficient to appeal
to mass imaginary, a repertoire made up of media images of destroyed cities,
killed, and soldiers.
Bloodstream/Alessandro Amaducci /Italie/2009/7'15
The struggle between the inner and the outer.
The boy who collected skins/Joacélio Batista/Brésil/2010/13'44
In the edge of the river the boy collect empty skinss in front of the uncertainty of the almost afternoon, almost night.
Aisha in Wonderland/Zafer Topaloglu/Pays-Bas/2010/3'
Aisha in Wonderland looks at one of the most challenging ramifications of Israel-Palestine conflict: the state of individuals being exposed to emotional violence in a refugee camp, ‘Mar Elias’ in Lebanon in which various organizations, communities and groups rightfully manifest, via various ways of representations, struggle against Israel.
Let's Play Games /Marko Ubovic /Serbie/2010/5'
Every boy plays with them. But are these toys as harmless as they seem?
Les sentiments/Pascale Weber/France/2010/4'23
A woman remembers just when she falled in love.  
She describes in details the moment when she got off the train,  she walked along the platform and met up a man. She understood suddendly, she would throw herself into his arms.
I call myself sane/Niina Suominen/Finlande/2010/4'20
An experimental work combining poetry, music and image executed by manipulating film material.
Last Day of the Republic/Reynold Reynolds/USA/2010/8'
The Palast der Republik opened in 1976 as a meeting place for the East German people and an emblem of the future. the unique modern building made of distinctive golden-mirrored windows was home to not just the East German Parliament but also auditoriums, art galleries, five restaurants, concert halls, and even a bowling alley. Later, thousands of citizens demonstrated against the planned demolition , but alas, one day, twenty years after the fall of the Berlin wall, the Palace completely disappeared.
Dead sEEquences/Fabio Scacchioli/Italie/2009/4'10
This is a study about the vanishing of an image."Dead SEEquences" is composed of 3775 frames. Working frame by frame, we find that nothing happens inside each single image, but all pass between the frames, in the invisible gap that separe one by others. The film is here, but there isn't anything to see, the most important remain invisible and uncertain. There is no truth to discover. The truth is always elsewhere.

Body of war/Isabel Rocamora/Espagne/2010/21'27
Body of War reflects on how a man becomes a soldier through the relentless repetition of acts of violence. Set in the Normandy Landing geography, punctuated by testimonies of serving soldiers, a visceral hand-to-hand combat is gradually deconstructed – inviting the viewer to engage in the relationship between intimacy and brutality.
The Two Names of A Testimony About The Execution of A Happening and A Suitcase Full of Broken Records/Ozan Adam/Turquie/2010/15'
Visual poem about dreams.

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